Omigod, the show begins with Elina talking about how she doesn't show emotion because she's from Europe, and unless you're from Europe, you just wouldn't understand. So this show has taught us that Europeans are a bunch of socially awkward misfits who are afraid to cry. Who knew? Of course, Marjorie totally understands, and when confronted by Samantha with the fact that, like, didn't they move to America when they were little? Elina busted out with tears--the tears that are so hard to express because she is European--over what a hurtful thing that was to say to her. Back at the house the other girls continued to be annoyed by Marjorie and Elina's blaming everything on their European..uh..ness.

Challenge! Ron and Richard Harris, the "Aswirl Twins," were back to teach the girls the art of turning around. The girls had to learn how to sell a variety of accessories through completely cheesy movements, and then were confronted by the nightmarish apparition that is James St. James. They were told they would be part of a fashion show for Nony Tochterman of Petro Zillia in which they'd be "invisible models" through the magic of green screening. They each wore green bodysuits which would make them disappear on video screens. It was both stupid and entertaining. Marjorie's dress fell off halfway down her chest, and she had no idea. Elina won the challenge and took Annaleigh and Marjorie to the prize, a Seventeen photo shoot for the holiday issue. This pissed off Samantha because Elina is an atheist, and therefore hates Christmas.