ALL OF THEM: West Portal Ave & Ulloa

-- David Letterman after the final McCain/Obama debate via the absolutely critical at-these-times

This one's from inside the venerable Eezy Freezy Market along West Portal.

They also have a somehow inexhaustible supply of nice folks behind the counter wearing hoodies, along with stacks of British tabloids.

Don't forget that you're part of ALL OF THEM too! Contribute! Take a picture of a magazine stand or newspaper rack in the Bay Area (or anywhere, really) -- anything that would help hold/illustrate ALL OF THEM. Note the location, send it in to [email protected], and we'll do the rest. For great justice.

And after the jump, one Mr. Tate's piquant opinion on the whole ALL OF THEM debacle.

“Sarah Palin was not mentioned during the debate and did not watch the debate. I thought that was interesting. And they said, ‘Well, Sarah, why? I’m sorry, Miss Alaska -- why didn’t you watch the debate?’ And she said, ‘Well, I’m busy reading every newspaper and magazine ever published.’”