Someone was trying to ruin the Mission Food Street fun last night. Pft. Burrito Justice has the story:

A bit of drama tonight before the opening — "James the Hater" from Vanguard Properties (the stone building on the corner) came out all agro, getting in the MSF team’s face, yelling that their permit was bogus, they were dirty, they had no right to be there, etc. (MSF does have a permit, they hose down the sidewalk after closing, pick up after themselves and are nice people.)

We hate people like this. And this city is crawling with them. Anyway, if you don't know what Mission Street Food is, it's a gastronomic truck that hits the corner of 21st and Mission every Thursday night.

Also, Mission Mission has more about what went down last night, which is form where we first heard the story.

Update I: Burrito Justice speaks! James is, in fact, with Vanguard. Johnny O writes, "He was definitely with Vanguard. He left his business card with the MSF folks - it clearly said 'James' and 'Vanguard.'" Yeah. Way to make the neighborhood shine, Vanguard Properties.

Update II: Curbed has more info on "James the Hater." Why, James? Why?!