Of all the stations police reports, Taraval's are some of the most interesting and well-written. Take, for example, this today's report on the whoring going on in the hood. According to SFPD Commanding Officer Captain Paul C. Chignell, houses of ill-repute will not be tolerated in Taraval. OK? In an email just sent to SFist this afternoon, Chignell has had quite enough. It seems a fitness center, of sorts, has been giving out hand jobs in addition to towels and body fat counts.

Over the past few days numerous community residents and community leaders have alerted the Taraval Police Station of probable prostitution activity at a "fitness" center at 1202 Vicente, near Dianne Feinstein Elementary School. We contacted the Vice Crimes Division and requested that they conduct an investigation.

Today at 2:30 pm San Francisco Police Department Vice Crimes officers entered the establishment and were solicited for an act of prostitution. The employee was cited. There will now be an investigation by the San Francisco Health Department and the City Attorney.

We thank the community for working with us. Houses of prostitution will not be tolerated in this police district

Congrats, Taraval. You're much saucier than we thought. But really, only respectable people go to the Outer Sunset or Tenderloin to, um, make love for the right price.