Sick of Prop. 8 ranting yet? Too bad. Because we're not. And how could we be with gems like this? See, body cavity cleansing device Bill Tam, a Chinese-American leading the effort in the Asian-American community to pass Proposition 8, is spreading lies amongst San Francisco's Chinatown residents. Tam tells the Mercury News:

"We hope to convince Asian-Americans that gay marriage will encourage more children to experiment with the gay lifestyle and that the lifestyle comes with all kinds of disease,'' Tam said

Diseased! dirty! spreading like rats! He's talking about gays the way it was once fashionable to talk about Jews. It's simply incredible. It's not the 1800s -- you just can't TALK to people like that.

He might as well say, "We hope to convince Asian-Americans that Jews will encourage children to experiment with Judaism and that Judaism comes with all kinds of disease." Remarkable, that one.