Once again, if you're not reading NBC 11's Breakfast Blog, you're-- well, you must lead a fulfilling and productive life. Fortunately for you, we don't. So we do.

This week, NBC 11 anchorman Brent Cannon (the Brian Williams of the Bay Area, more or less, if you will) recently posted about his on-air buddy, tech/business reporter Scott McGrew. Ahem:

Anyway, I gave Scott some of my "back-up" make-up. I keep a set for just such occasions. I gave him an oil free matte-finish foundation that a consultant had given me; a packet of application sponges and the powder I mentioned above. I really was not sure of his skin tones - so I gave him a summer foundation – as well as a winter look. I am not sure which he chose, but he looked great on air that day.

Afterwards, he asked if I wanted to go to the big shoe and tie sale at the mall – maybe have a light salad and low cal iced tea.

While we sit here and wonder just what "back-up" make-up is, tell us if you think Brent Cannon wants to "put" McGrew's "penis" inside his "mouth." Or, if he's just being "funny."