BAYVIEW: It's been relatively quiet in SF over the last week or so, but a 26-year-old was killed, and a second seriously wounded, after a shooting in the Bayview District last week. According to the Gate, SF resident Leonard Waters was shot and killed in the 1600 block of Kirkwood Avenue late Friday night. No arrests shave been made.

FISHERMAN'S WHARF/SANTA ROSA: After attempting to leave a Fisherman's Wharf restaurant without paying, 41-year-old Christopher Lavis of Santa Rosa was arrested for not only trying to flee, but also on suspicion of matricide. (Skipping out on your tab AND killing your mother? How rude.) His mother was found dead in her Santa Rosa apartment last week with multiple stab wounds. Lavis is currently being held without bail in Sonoma County jail. (NBC3)