The U.S. Coast Guard and San Francisco/Marin firefighters are battling a blaze on the eastside of Angel Island, which was reported at 9 p.m. tonight. At about 9:50 p.m., the "huge fire [is] about 25 acres wide," SFist reader Jay Rodriguez reports. (ABC7 reports "10 acres" have burned so far.) Read more about the island fire, here and here.

Angel Island -- a "hilly, grass and forest-covered island, the largest in San Francisco Bay," which used to house a the Nike Missile base in the '50s -- covers 740 acres, reaching 788 feet high at its peak atop Mount Livermore.

Update (10:35 p.m.): Also, you can check out live cam views of the fire as it happens at and

Update (11:00 p.m.): Campers have been carried form Angel Island to Tiburon. One engine is at the island now. People if four counties can see it burning from four counties, says KGO reporter. And with that, we're turning the channel to a "Law & Order: SVU" block. Will update again if anything update-y happens.

Update (11:28 p.m.): According to Wildlandfire, "Evacuations!
Island Campsites and non-firefighting and non-essential State Parks personnel are asked to evacuate Angel Island or shelter in place at Ayala Cove."

Also, "50 acres reported" torched thus far, "significant cultural and historical resources threatened. "