A reader writes in to inform us of late-breaking, possibly explosive news.

Some kind of bomb threat has closed a bunch of buildings in the financial district. I'm not sure what's going on, but was told (and it's just what I heard, I don't know for sure) the threat was called into the Lief, Cabraser firm at 275 Battery. They basically have the entire area surrounding it closed off. lots of firetrucks, the bomb squad, cops, etc.

Anyone know what's going on? Someone mad that they too didn't get the day off? Anti-Columbus statement of some sort? General San Francisco lunacy? Let us know.

Update (1:30 p.m.): Streets along 275 Battery Street (i.e., the Embarcadero Center) are closed "due to bomb scare." Helicopter flying overhead.

Update (1:55 p.m.): Bomb robot is going in to save the day. Horray! (An aside, Newsom needs to declare Bomb Robot Day soon. Or, give him a cool nickname like "Snoopy." That little guy rocks our world.)

Update (2:05 p.m.): Streets, building still closed.

Update (2:15 p.m.): The situation was "resolved" at about 1:30 p.m. Back to work, folks.

Update (2:20 p.m.): The threat might have had something to do with not getting on the "The Price is Right," we're told. God, we hope this is true.