Update: Complaints about the content of ads can be sent to Google here.

The "people" behind Prop 8 -- the anti-marriage amendment -- may or may not be up to something sneaky. We observed yesterday that their ads were showing up on Fog City Journal -- a site that, we suspected, wouldn't want anything to do with that sort of degenerate advertising. We were also surprised to see them on the otherwise-reputable FiveThirtyEight.com.

And now this: a gay blog ( gay) has accused the Prop 8 campaign of purposely buying Google ads on gay sites. This has resulted in bizarre situations such as the one pictured at left: where yes-on-8 messages appear next to a plea to defeat the ban.

We doubt that this is on purpose. If Prop 8 really wanted to spend its ad money effectively, why would it buy ads on sites where their lies are completely unwelcome? They probably intended to target sites that mention homosex, not sites that actively celebrate it; and because the ad placement is all automated, these little faux pas happened.

We're not sure who should be more uncomfortable here -- the nice bloggers whose sites are being sullied by deceitful, discriminatory advertisements; or the anti-marriage donors whose money is going into the pockets of gays and their allies.