The letter does not appear to be available online in text format -- only as a PDF that's missing its extension. So we've had to transcribe the good bits.

"The advertisement strongly implies that parents ... will have 'no right to object' to what is taught ... This is false. ... California's law ...clearly states that parents or guardians of public school children may excuse their children..."
"The Sacramento Superior Court clearly and firmly rejected that statement as 'false and misleading.'
'...state law does not school districts to teach anything about marriage or same-sex marriage at any grade level. Moreover, for those school districts that choose to include instruction ... they allow parents to excuse their children' ... We strongly urge you not to repeat those falsehoods."

Will the pushy memo have any effect? We want to say it probably will; but in our heart of hearts, we know it probably won't. Just like Fog City Journal, which is currently running some Yes On 8 ads of its own, the TV stations will probably be unmoved.

Update: The Sacramento Superior Court has ruled that the individual pictured at right is not, in fact, Richard Peterson. We will, however, continue to repeat the falsehood.

And a disclaimer: SF_Matt is running a grassroots campaign to Stop Prop 8.