Hey everyone, how's it going? It's been a while since we've posted (we've missed you!), but look what's brought us back into the fold -- ED JEW PLED GUILTY!!! Poignantly, the Chron article also says that "unlike past court appearances, no supporters gathered at the hearing at U.S. District Court." Sad!

It's been a long, hard road for our now-disgraced former District 4 Supervisor, and we're not even done with him yet. Ed's only pleading guilty to the federal charges, involving his extortion of the District 4 Quickly tapioca drink stores -- his state case for not actually living in SF is still pending. Ed was originally scheduled for a hearing on that case in two weeks, but it sounds like that hearing might get moved now that Ed's pled guilty to the federal charges.

Intriguingly, Ed's attorney told the Chron that Ed's excuse for shaking down the Quickly is "that's how he learned to behave in politics," and says that Ed's prepared to name names of other local politicians who act the same way. Alas, Ed's not being sentenced until next year (Feb. 13), but that doesn't stop us all from wildly speculating as to who might be on that list!

The article says he could go to the federal pokey for "decades," but given that he'd pled out, we don't see that as too likely -- we'll set the over-under for the sentence at 9 months and some hilarious form of community service. Please let the community service be making bubble tea for the underprivileged. Please!