What a delightfully diverting game of Muni roulette! Several stops on the 43 line will be "intermittently closed." Maybe they're open; maybe they're not -- the only way to know for sure is to waste your time walking over to them to check! And then waste your time walking to another stop. And hey, where exactly ARE those other stops? There's no map on the sign, so if you don't know the area, you're out of luck. But it's not like the Presidio Trust has any interest in tourism, right?

We called Mark Helmbrecht in the Presidio Trust's Office of Public Affairs (415-561-5418, if you're interested), and he confirmed, yes, there's no way to know when the stop will or won't be open. We emailed Muni, too, and they haven't offered any new details. Here's a thought: why not just say, "the stops will definitely be closed from 9 to 6. And here's a map to where you should go." Skip the guessing game and just tell people what to expect. At least that way, the Trust doesnt seem unreliable and undeserving of, well, trust.

We have to hand it to the Presidio on this one -- in the field of Diminishing Public Confidence In Muni, they've actually outdone Muni. At least with NextBus we knew when to wander out to the stop; and now the Presidio has found a way to circumvent NextBus. Well done, everyone.