Those worldly folks over at Travel and Leisure are having their annual America's Favorite City. San Francisco, of course, is winning. But not by much! Some place called "Boston" is creeping up on us. And we need you, readers/SF cult members, to get San Francisco high atop of yet another pointless top-ten list. Our tourism industry and fragile egos depend on it!

So, what is San Francisco known for, you ask? Well, San Francisco is known as the City of the Future. Its people are rad. Its food is, arguably, the best. Our mayor is, indisputably, gorgeous. The weather here is cloudy and crisp yet phenomenally energizing. We survive natural disaster after natural disaster. Frank Chu lives here. So does the sublime Vanessa Getty. We love us some crazies. And Garland never sang like this for any where else.

Boston is known for their tea-steeped harbor, an inferior baseball team compared to that of the Los Angeles Anaheim Angels (because the Giants: oy), and for Hangin' Tough.

The choice is clear.

Anyway, it's your last chance to vote for the overall winner of America's Favorite City. It's come down to Baghdad by the Bay and Beantown. You can vote here.