For those of you edgy kids hitting it in the Mission district tonight, Bar Tartine line cook Anthony Myint will be serving up batshit insane cheap, not to mention tasty, sandwiches from a taco truck all night long. He'll be at 21st Street and Mission. Details:

TONIGHT (THURSDAY): High-falootin' line cook from Bar Tartine goes all nitty gritty and shit.

Anthony Myint is subletting an antojitos truck in what, hopefully, will become a recurring Thursday night event.

He'll be peddling an assortment of sandwiches, each served on a piece of homemade scallion flatbread. Among them, the highly anticipated PB&J (Pork Belly and Jicama) and the busty vegetarian King Trumpet (wild mushrooms and triple fried potato).

WHEN: Thursday night, 8pm-2am. Watch Biden dispense of Palin and then hop
down to 21st and Mission to still your beating heart.

Um, prices are reasonable, dude. $3-$5.

Support local line cooks.

Prices, we're told, will range from $3-$5. Whoa, is right. A perfect way to start or end your night.