When asked what newspapers and magazines she reads, Sarah Palin replied, "all of them." All of them! And so, a meme is born.

All of them! All! All! All! Of! Them! The Modesto Bee, The Hartford Courant, The Louisville Courier-Journal, The Vassar Pioneer Times, Teen People, Tiger Beat, Paris Match, High Times, Destination Qatar -- ALL OF THEM!

All of them. We just can't stop repeating that line to ourselves. All of them! It's as nonsensical a response to the question as it would be to "can I interest you in any appetizers," or "which came first, the chicken or the egg," or "knock knock."

All of them! So, readers, we'd like to ask you: of all the Sarah Palin interviews so far, which has been your favorite? We hope you know the correct answer to that, and all, questions from now on.