The Raiders' dictator-for-life Al Davis deigned speak to his hated rivals in the press corps today regarding his firing of OAK head coach Lane Kiffin.

Here's the recap:

Paranoia; recrimination; recrimination; paranoia; accusation; passive-aggresivity; back-biting; paranoia; name-calling; naked hatred; accusation; nepotism; futility; victimhood; crony-boosting; paranoia; victimhood; flailing; paranoia; recrimination; breast-beating; paranoia; accusations; contradictory back-biting; paranoia; bluster; paranoia; ennui.

It's a pointedly new level of darkness for the Raiders. And we gotta hand it to him -- Al consistently finds fresh, new paths of disappointment and frustration to mine just when you'd think that things can't get worse for this once-able-to-call-itself-proud franchise.