Yesterday's USA Today story puts the Make-Out Room at the top of a list of "10 great places to cha-cha-cha the night away."

The USA Today article is accompanied by an amazing photo snapped by San Franciscan Cynthia Wood. We can't show it here (that pesky copyright law!), but to see the photo in its full glory (and not in the washed-out version on the USA Today site) go to Wood's Flickr page.

Wood's picture captures all the exuberance, lust, and glitter of a night at the Make-Out Room, whether you're doing the cha-cha-cha or attending the Progressive Reading Series. In fact, isn't that Stephen Elliot lurking way in the back?

Instructions for the cha-cha (as those in a hurry sometimes call it) may interest those readers who are not challenged by theoretical physics and other supposedly difficult topics.

Flickr photo of the Make-Out Room by Steve Rhodes. cc_icon_attribution_small.gifcc_icon_noderivs_small.gif Some rights reserved. Thanks for sharing, Steve! Your photo is great, too!