By Travis Jensen

Renowned skateboard graphics artist Todd Francis' solo exhibition, "New and Used," opens tomorrow night (Friday) at 3131 Clement in the city's Outer Richmond district. In addition to a new series of paintings, the show will feature a slew of original skateboard graphics, artwork, and selected decks that Francis created over the last 15 years for companies like Real, Stereo, Anti Hero, New Deal, and Element. Over the years, Francis has worked closely with some of skateboarding’s biggest names, including Jim Thiebaud, Tommy Guerrero, Jason Lee, Bam Margera, Mike Vallely, and Chad Muska, among others. For more on Francis, visit

"The pieces in this show are particularly unique because many of them come from the pre-computer era, a time when most skateboard graphics were hand drawn at 100% scale," said 3131 Clement owner and show curator Yong-Ki Chang. (Select pieces from the show will be available for sale.)