Previously on "America's Next Top Model" local girl Marjorie didn't do anything memorable.

This week the models came home to find Tyra sitting in their living room wearing a tiara. She demanded everyone open their pretty pink princess bags, don their own tiaras, sit on the floor and eat pizza. It was a princess party! In which Tyra talked about herself. Of course. Her story: She started out doing high fashion but then sprouted boobs and a butt and designers didn't want to work with her unless she lost weight, so she ate pizza and modeled for Victoria Secret instead. See, she MADE OVER her career....meaning, it was time for the model makeovers!


And then Miss J walked in dressed like the scary old lady from Snow White, gave Tyra an apple, which caused her to die, but then Mr. Jay gave her a kiss that revived her, and whisked her out of the room, and WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? (Skip to the 3:40 mark and see for yourself.)