The best fans are....
Ted: Heavenly States Fans!
Jeremy: Listeners
Genevieve: Delicious and/or ribald.
Masanori: Sweaty.

Best venue to play
Ted: We've played a lot of venues but I'd have to say venues with green rooms, cool staff and great sound rule. Locally our favorites are Bottom of the Hill, The Independent, Cafe Dunord and The Rickshaw Stop
Jeremy: Too hard to choose. So many venues have been great to us.
Genevieve: Yes, and where the handsome audiophiles are.

Lamest crowd request
Ted: One crowd member once asked our bass player Masanori Mark Christianson "As an oriental, how do you get a name like Mark?"
Jeremy: "Take your shirt off"
Genevieve: No request too lame.

Favorite song to play these days
Ted: Heavenly States Songs!
Jeremy: Morning Exercise (The Heavenly States)
Genevieve: Pathway Dreams is nice to play right now.
Masanori: My Little Friend

You should come see our show because...
Ted: Because Because Because Because Because. Because of the wonderful things we does.
Jeremy: Your mom wants you to.
Genevieve: The more the merrier – up to a point.
Masanori: We play instruments.