Now that Walgreens across the city have designated an entire aisle to bags of fun-size candy, vampire teeth, and orange/black home accents, Halloween season is here. Yay! And what that comes the nonsense of City Hall, still bickering about this year's city-sanctioned Halloween bash.

If you recall, the brouhaha surrounding Halloween 2007 got ugly. The Castro, you see, had become a mess during All Hallow's Eve, a far cry from the perversely spooktacular event it was during its halcyon days. Bart closures, finger pointing, and a full-scale Castro shutdown were just part of what went down last October in an effort to make Halloween night safer. But on Halloween night, thanks to supervisor Bevan Dufty, the Castro was downright tame but safe.

Now with the official city party moving to SoMa (zzzz), things are slowly rolling downhill. While originally reported that there would be a late-night party happening near AT&T Park, after the boring family-friendly one taking place earlier in the day, that's probably no longer the case. Why? Well, according to Entertainment Commissioner Audrey Joseph, "We didn’t have a long enough time to put on the event that was envisioned."

HahahahU(*&(*$#*&OG NI&Rgfbsfhggg.

What, Audrey? Like, for real? Seriously, what does the Entertainment Commission even do? Look, you guys have had not only an entire year to plan this sock hop, but also had events coordinator Laura Fraenza (for a cool $94,000/year) at your disposal, who was hired earlier this year to deal with Halloween alone. (That is, if she's even still here.) Amazing.