The gays are sensitive and bizarre creatures. Especially in the Castro. The most recent issue to throw local homosexual Pride out of whack? Aggressively curious tourists and the tour buses that carry them. Sure, the neighborhood will adorn storefronts with foot-long dildos, the streets with trannies and tweakers, and the muscly skin with little to no clothing. But damn those of you who have the unmitigated gall to visit the Castro to stop and stare.

So, in an effort to stop tour buses from parking in the hood -- the same buses that released these slack-jawed yokels onto the clearly superior queer community -- the MTA gave its approval at last night's meeting to paint certain Castro curbs red and mark the area with no parking and we-tow signs. Problem solved. For now.

Oh, and what sparked this furor among the Castro ilk, you ask? Rumors of a tour guide on one of said buses telling passengers that they could tell "homosexuals by the way they walked and dressed." Which: true.

At right: Look away, you insensitive jerk.