Post-lesson the girls played truth or dare in the hot tub. Marjorie was nowhere to be found. But there was some drama between Alaskan Hannah and transgenered Isis. Oh, did we not mention Isis before? Well, she's not from around here, but man, do we wish she were. She's the first technically non-female on the show, but she's certainly not the first model to rock the tranny look. (DOMINQUE! Oh, and JASLENE!) She's also incredibly sweet, and a pretty good model, and it's a shame ignorant asses like Hannah and Clark With No E are causing drama. Luckily, she seems to have found a friend in Analeigh, who is from Sacramento, which puts her on the cusp of localdom. We'll keep our eyes on her.

Challenge time! The girls had to pose "unobviously" with jewelry and handbags by Tarina Tarantino. Again, Marjorie's poses weren't shown.

Back at home, Hannah was accused of being racist and Marjorie attempted to defend her a bit but it was all kind of silly and blown out of proportion. Granted, Hannah has some issues that can not entirely be blamed on being from a small town (which she is constantly pointing out and which--WE GET! So stop it already). But everyone just needs to calm the f down.

Photo shoot! The girls were to continue the "unobvious" posing theme by hanging off the ladder of a hot air balloon, but when it came to shooting, it was too windy to control the balloon, so the girls clung to a ladder hanging from a crane. About three feet off the ground. Terrifying! Marjorie was last, and seemed to do good, for all of the three seconds she was featured.

Judgement time! The judges loved Marjorie's photo, and yes, it did rock, but in front of the judges her nerves came out again. Luckily, she didn't actually have to speak. Her photo wasn't the top this time, but it was closer to the top than the bottom, so she is still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model.

Next week: MAKEOVERS!