Dan Noyes just sent us word of his most recent report involving a wee bit of excessive force on the part of one SFPD fuzz member. See, while patrolling Third Street and Brannan (mere blocks away from Jack London's birthplace no less!) in early March '08, police officer Paul Morgado came across 26-year-old Charles Haynes, a local nightclub emcee, just as he was leaving a SoMa venue. With his buddy videotaping the entire incident that night, Haynes claims that officer Paul Morgado told him, "Get out of the street, boy" -- Haynes, we should point out, is black. then called him a "faggot" for a classy finishing touch.

That's when things got ugly. Check out the video -- which involves lots of cussing, mainly by the cop; pushing; and a classic gangbang-like arrest by SFPD officers -- right here.

But the report Morgado filed on the incident, above,"paints a very different picture from what’s on the video." While the report suggests Haynes was busted for bring under the influence in a public place, it looks like he was roughed up and arrested for having a sharp tongue. Be sure to compare both the video and incident report. Because when all is said and done, you just can’t lose your cool if you’re an SFPD officer. Ideally, anyway.

Read the entire story here.