With the fall TV season upon us, we were looking forward to a new batch of reality TV locals to make fun of cover. First up was "America's Next Top Model" contestant Marjorie, and she brought much to mock in the season premiere. But, alas, our boyfriend TiVo decided he'd had enough of that show, and erased it before we had a chance to re-watch it for a recap. But we can tell you this: She is originally from France, came to San Francisco when she was seven or eight, and was home-schooled. French, San Francisan, AND home-schooled. To say the chick is a tad awkward is an understatement! She was totally dumbstruck when put alone in a room with Nigel, and when she does talk, she does way too much hand waving. And she also has a tendency to look like this:

But she can take an occasional good picture, and was actually "awarded" best photo of the challenge. She is therefore still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. Lucky us!