Sarah Palin -- who, let's face it, governs some useless mass of land in Canada -- thinks she's more qualified than God to help run the US. According to Ralph Nader, she's isn't, and even his running mate, Matt Gonzalez, has more skills than Palin. He says:

[VP candidate] Matt Gonzalez has more experience than Sarah Palin ...San Francisco is a lot bigger than Wasilla.

Nice one, Ralph.

That said, and we hate to have to point this out, Gonzalez never ran the city of San Francisco. Yeah. (Oh oh, dd Matt fudge his resume? Like, "Responsibilities: oversaw 30,000 city employees. Managed annual budget of over $5 billion. Charmed the panties off of 776,733 residents." Because: he did none of those things as city supe.)