A quick search of SFist's archives shows at least 315 uses of the word hipster since our inception in 2004. A quick scan of those results suggests that the term was not always used with love, which might be why we found ourselves squirming uncomfortably as we read this quote in Fashionista today:

I've always found that word ('hipster') is used with such disdain, like it's always used by chubby bloggers who aren't getting laid anymore

As we read the article from whence the quote came, we got even more anxious. Our occasional contemptuous use of "hipster" seemed to evolve from making us celibate fat asses to, yikes, "churlish"? Suddenly, that Vice guy's quote (and, yeah, we're considering the source) seems almost complimentary.

Seriously, if we had any idea that calling someone a hipster was so incendiary, we never would have done it. Maybe it's like some other equally loaded words, in that you can only use it if you're one yourself. What say you, SFist readers? Should we retire the term "hipster," because using it makes our ass look fat (fatter than in hipster skinny jeans? Whoops!) and unpenetrated? Give us your assessment in the comments.