We live for moments like this. Thank you, God.

See, in yet another 7x7 Magazine article about how skinny rich women are saving/running/benefiting San Francisco in vague yet miraculous ways, the glossy pub's most recent article, "The California Academy of Sciences' Leading Ladies," features San Francisco's First Lady, Jennifer Siebel-Newsom, and the woman whom we're one missed Prozac pill away from stalking, the sublime Vanessa Getty.

Oh, and they both appear in the same photo layout together.


Anyway, the article prattles on about the new the new California Academy of Sciences, which is scheduled to open later this month. Siebel and Getty are on the board at CAS and contributed "generous family donations," respectively, hence their having to appear in the same -knockoff image. While Siebel looks, well, like a bridesmaid in her Ajna certified-organic-cotton long bias-cut dress with hemp-silk trim ($950), la Getty once again turns the shit out by sporting a Vintage Alaia cocktail dress and Christian Louboutin patent-leather heels (all her own!) Brava, Nessie. Brava.

O to be a Frank Gehry 18K yellow-gold fish cuff at that photo shoot! (Read more about the ladies who lunch at the California Academy of Sciences here.)

Vanity Fair