Ouch. Is this your car? Our condolences. Yesterday's breezy breezes by DPark seem to have dislodged a branch directly into your rear window. If you need more photos for insurance, let us know -- we've got a bunch. In the mean time, everyone else can busy themselves with feeling smug for not owning this car.

Oh, and you're probably wondering who that guy is.

As we were photographing this epic scene, a Guatemalan walked past and insisted -- gesturally -- that we take his picture amidst the carnage. All he could say in English was "David" and "Guatemalan," and he enthusiastically posed next to the vehicle looking tough. Er ... okay. Then we shrugged at each other for about 5 minutes because neither of us could figure out how to communicate with each other. So anyway, here's David, ladies and gentlemen.