It happens every day -- we get to the Huffington Post folder in Google Reader and see some sort of horrifying three-digit figure after the feed name. Like, today, it was (166). 166 new articles on the Huffington Post since yesterday?!? Who reads all that stuff?

We hear, all over the place, that the HuffPo is important -- and we're not saying it's not, because that would involve actually reading it (hey, we're not Maxim.) But there's a "take your medicine" quality to the posts we see right before we hit the "mark all as read" button that makes us feel guilty about not reading, but glad to have made a Pliskinesque Escape From New Boredom.

What about you? Do you read all, part, or none of the HuffPo? Why or why not? Confirm or call us out on our smug dismissal of the award winning website in the comments, pretty please?