San Francisco's bike lanes were on the front page of The Wall St. Journal today, as reporter Phred Dvorak asks, "Could Bike Lanes Cause Pollution?"

The story is mostly a profile of Rob Anderson, and includes one of those portraits that the Journal is famous for, we love those -- they look just like money. Anderson is, of course, a litigious San Francisco blogger, supervisorial candidate and nemesis of San Francisco bike activists. According to the Journal, "the 65-year-old local gadfly has stymied cycling-support efforts here by arguing that urban bicycle boosting could actually be bad for the environment."

This isn't exactly true: Mr. Anderson et al. argued that the City had improperly skirted environmental review of the San Francisco Bicycle Plan. A judge agreed and granted an injunction, pending full environmental review (here's the Chronicle's coverage of the 2006 decision).

Why did the City try an end run around environmental review? Find out after the jump.