Have you noticed an overabundance of worried, clustered, fannypack-sporting heterosexuals roaming the Castro? Yeah, that's not the crystal talking, boys. It seems, according to C.W. Nevius, "large tour buses have begun to park in the area on Thursday and Sunday afternoons, opening their doors and sending hundreds of tourists out to gawk and snap photos of the exotic sight of two men holding hands." Gross! And the mess that spills out from inside said buses "tend to cluster together in large, nervous groups, pointing at residents and taking photos." And Castro residents are none too thrilled. District supervisor Bevan Dufty, though, has an idea: "We'll just get the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence on this .. [a] few blessings from them and those tour buses would disappear." Good call, Bev. Or, better yet, post Bambi Lake at the corner of 18th and Castro. She can have them for lunch. (SFGate, Jameth)