The issue of how the city handles illegal immigrants accused of crimes has become a hot potato lately when it was revealed that instead of doing what Federal law states -- handing them over to immigration services -- the city's Sanctuary Laws said that city officials weren't allowed to so. So, the city would either ship them back themselves or just issue a stern rebuking. The issue all came to a head when Edwin Ramos, the man charged with the brutal, awful shooting of Anthony Bologna and his two sons, was discovered with an assault and robbery charge at the age of 17. Ramos was pretty much let go after both charges, and the result of all of this was the usual caterwalling, including a protest by the Minute Men.

Gavin has the choice of following the suggestions or throwing them into the recycling bin, which we are guessing will be the probable action. Running for Governor can be a tricky thing when you can be blamed for horrific shooting for reasons that can be easily explained in a fifteen second commercial.