Hey gay couples! You're in terrible danger. Fortunately, we can help. Well, not exactly -- SFist_Matt, to be specific, has taken a break from writing stern emails to Muni, and is now working on a really neat online video project to protect marriage equality.

Check out Stop8.org -- Matt's working on a series of 30-second documentary videos, explaining who California's gay spouses are, why the freedom to marry is so important to us all, and what everyone stands to lose if Prop 8 (the anti-marriage Constitutional amendment) passes in November. The Prop 8 people are going after gay marriage now -- they want is the power to control who can get married and who can't. Who knows what kind of "impure" unions they'll target next? This is an important showdown for all of us: gay, straight, and whatever.

If you're a gay couple and you'd like to help out, drop Matt a line at contact - at - stop8 - dot - org. He'd like to sit down and interview you for a half hour or so, This-American-Life-style.

And if you're not a gay couple, you can still be a part of it; create a 5-second video clip of yourself saying "I'm voting No On 8" and email it (in whatever format you like) to the same address, contact - at - stop8 - dot - org. Or take a photo of yourself with an "I'm Voting No On 8" sign and tag it noon8.

There's lots that you can do to help; so do something. Please. It's important.