Alexander "Ricky Stinkfingers" Forbes

Introduce yourself in one sentence
A throwback hero with the optimism of Meatloaf lyrics, bingo wings longer than your grandma's and the B.O. of Thor after a methed-out night of lightening sex.

Age and Occupation
26, Unemployed! (just resigned at pottery barn)

Home Town
Cleveland, Ohio

Favorite place to spend time online , keyword search "new car"

Favorite mode of transportation
the horizontal scooter with motorized dildo and hook-from-head-to-ass as seen in "new car" video on youporn

Best Band or Musician to come out of the Bay Area
Mr. Big, the Hyphy Movement

SF has the BEST
Transgender bartenders that pour you shots of bourbon without asking until you can't take it any more while never accepting nor asking for a $.