Using his inner Poseidon powers, Mayor Gavin Newsom promises to harness the fury of the sea for energy before he leaves office. At least on a demonstration basis, that is. (First that bizarre brussel sprouts garden patch in front of City Hall, now this. The science fair-ification of San Francisco is most amusing, isn't it?)

All part of his wind-and-sea energy plan, Newsom declares from high above:

I don’t want to leave office — and I have to at a certain point — without having a pilot demonstration project actually in the water, generating electricity ... I'm not leaving this particular office, even if it means running for Contra Costa supervisor, until this is done.

(Oh, snap on the Contra Costa bashing, Gav. Awesome.)

San Francisco will start to test Ocean Beach's wave-power potential (which, as any well-worn surfer can tell you, suuuucks) later this month.

In related verdigris news, our SUV-driving, fire lane-parking Mayor accepted an award from ICLEI today (for, ahem, the city's effort to combat climate change), citing that San Francisco has reduced emissions by 5% since 1990.