Holy Cripes! A little over two hours ago, a big 'ol gas guzzler crashed right into Sam Adato's Drum Shop, the preferred drum retail venue for local percussionists, at Ninth and Folsom Street. Check out the images (one more crash/snuggle shot after the jump!) and story sent in by reader Dan Rader:

I work right next door. and this just happened about an hour ago. Here are some photos....Sam Adato and His wife outside their busted shop. The driver ran away...Sam was supposed to open the store an hour earlier, luckily he wasn't in his shop when the SUV plowed through the front door.... WTF! Car goes through Sam Adato's Drum Shop! Supposedly a rouge motorcycle was going the wrong way on Folsom St. As it approached on coming traffic two cars were caught unaware. According to eye witnesses, one car turned and was hit by the white SUV causing it to crash into what was once Sam Adato's Drum Shop!

Luckily, no one was injured. For more shots of this morning's SOMA spectacular accident, check out his Flickr page here.

Update: It might not have been a hit-and-run, says one Kristen Chivers. Will SOMA ever be the same again?