Everywhere magazine, a user-generated travel publication, is calling out for your submissions. Local writer, Everywhere journo, and Cock T's member Tiffany Maleshefski brought to SFist's attention their need for San Franciscan's article and photo submissions. Still confused? Todd Lappin, Everywhere's editor, breaks it down thusly:

The basic idea behind Everywhere is pretty simple: Every two months, we create a glossy print magazine from articles and photographs contributed by members of the online community at everywheremag.com. The community votes on their favorite contributions, then we curate the best of the best to produce an inspiring travel magazine that looks fabulous on your coffee table or in your private jet. Published contributors receive $100 and a free one-year subscription.

You submission can be as simple as a single photo (with a corresponding caption), a brief article that sparkles, writing prose (cutters are always a plus in this category!), the best place to get a blow job in public these days, favorite place from which to stalk Vanessa Getty, or whatever. For those of you who want to break into print travel writing, here is your chance. Simply "create a free account at everywheremag.com," and start sending them your pearls of travel wisdom and intrigue here.

Update: The magazine "just got shutdown." Thus: fail. And another sign of print publishing's doom. Alas.