(By Joe Kukura)

Yesterday's Up Your Alley Fair is what the Folsom Street Fair used to be before all the tourists pushing baby strollers started showing up. More than 8,000 leather daddies -- and as many as perhaps a dozen biological women -- braved the cold fog wearing little more than a gimp mask and a smile to benefit PAWS, the AIDS Emergency Fund, and others. We tried to limit the amount of naked penis visible in these shots, but in that kind of environment there's only so much a photographer can do. The fully-lubed, unexpurgated photoset can be can be found at DJTennessee's flickr page, as well as a few over at Nature abhors a vacuum.

Again, if it wasn't already clear, the following images are NSFW. They features such jarring imagery as naked breasts, Viagra-infused erections, naked Twister, and Frank Chu possibly exploring his sexuality. You've been warned. Enjoy.