FILM: You know those new JC Penny commercials with the kids dancing in the school library? And running through the halls? Well, those were inspired by a little known John Hughes film called The Breakfast Club, which screens tonight in Dolores Park. It films is quite popular among the GenX sect, and it's about a bunch of '80s rapscallions with have to serve Saturday detention together. In the process, they learn about tolerance, themselves, peer pressure, hot beef injections, and how to make the perfect Cap'n Crunch and Pixy Stix sandwich. Good times.

8 p.m. (or at dusk) // Dolores Park (Dolores & 17th streets) // free

READING: Before you hit that sweet line of tina during this weekend's Up Your Alley (), head over to CounterPULSE to hear your elder homosexuals (and a few young kids) read stuff aloud. At "Perverts Put Out!" Raina Bird, Gina de Vries, Thea Hillman, Kirk Read, horehound stillpoint, Martin Inane, and Lori Selke. Simon Sheppard and Carol Queen emcee the literary festivities.

7:30 p.m. // CounterPULSE (1310 Mission) // $10-$20 (sliding scale)

CLUB: Travis Creston, Mr. San Francisco Leather 2007, hosts a most charming little Dore "Eve" Party over at the Powerblouse. It's sure to be loads of fun. (Heh.)

9 p.m. // Powerhouse (1347 Folsom) // free