More time is being wasted over in Berkeley over those damn oak trees. This time the Berkeley City Council voted last night that they it "will not seek a stay of a judge's order allowing UC Berkeley's athletic center project to proceed," according to CBS 5. Good. Also, many of the protesters, who awesomely are starting to view themselves as Christ-like figures as of late, held a small rally outside Berkeley City Hall last night. And this is our favorite quote from one of the pro-oak grovists:

The court system was set up for the rich and wealthy, and it's up to us now, the people on the ground! We do have the power! That is why the trees are still standing! It's because of human beings who sleep there, and stay there day and night.

OK, sure. The court system was "set up for the rich and wealthy." We'll give you that only because we watch a lot of Law & Order: SVU. And we really have no idea what we're talking about. But we doubt any (lucid) poor person gives a crap about some oak trees on the UC Berkeley campus.

In other news, the trees along Third and Harrison streets are scheduled for demolition soon. Any guesses on when we'll see media-whore/"activists" Dumpster Muffin climbing those leafy gifts from God? (Hint: never)

Photo credit: Brian Brooks/Flickr