Despite the God-like powers of Mayor Gavin Newsom's bedroom eyes, large hands, and gravelly voice that managed to woo Terry Childs to handover the passwords to City Hall's system, administrators are still having trouble accessing some parts of the network, or so says Network World. Admins, it seems, are "still locked out of the city's VoIP system and LANs within the Sheriff's Department and the Recreation & Park Department." Zoinks.

Also, Terry Childs, who held the city's networks hostage, is allegedly a wee bit bonkers. In addition to spending time in juvie for aggravated robbery and aggravated burglary charges, NW reports that a "court also ordered Childs to stay away from several of his former co-workers, including Jeana Pieralde, [a] DTIS director of security who was allegedly so afraid of Childs that she locked herself in a room in [a] data center." Oh my.