We live just up the street from Haight and Stanyan, and the other day someone dropped off a flyer about how Whole Foods is eager to transform the former Cala Foods (now a vacant lot and boarded-up deathtrap) into a pleasant, overpriced gourmet food store with apartments on top. The design of the flyer reminded us of some incomprehensible posters that appeared briefly in the neighborhood two years ago -- could D.B.H. be back? (Hint: Probably not.)

The flyer promotes 690stanyan.com, a slick-looking website that WF created to make a reasonable case for the project. We'd rather see a Trader Joe's, which has good food good prices; but lots of folks like WF, and the food is pretty good, and it'll serve thousands more people than what's there now. So if WF wants to fight this fight, good for them. We've lived here six years, and the neighborhood would be improved by their presence.

Interestingly, the flyer (which appears not to be the work of WF) blames wealthy property-owner Calvin Welch for holding up the project. Whoever wrote it makes him sound like quite a jerk -- what's up with that? Somebody ought to investigate or whatever.