According to the Gate, le Richmond Bart is closed and "trains are being turned around at El Cerrito Del Norte BART" after a man wearing "an Indiana Jones-style hat got on board an Amtrak train in Martinez and asked other passengers strange questions," leaving a "package that appeared to have wires sticking out of it," and then heading to a second car where he pried off two windows. (God, the Bay Area is just awesome sometimes.) He then jumped out the window. Yikes.

Oh, and re-plan your route home, people. According to 511:

On Monday, July 21st as of 2:00pm, BART's Richmond Station remains closed due to police activity At Capitol Corridor Richmond Train Station. Northbound BART Richmond trains are turning back at El Cerrito Del Norte. Passengers may continue on to Richmond by using AC Transit who will honor BART tickets on Buses 71 and 76. Service on Capitol Corridor has been halted due to police activity and no trains are getting through to Richmond.

Anyway, the man has yet to be captured, and the Walnut Creek bomb squad is currently analyzing the package. (Also, Walnut Creek has it's own bomb squad? Huh.) Read more about todays breathtaking adventure here.

UPDATE: Service has resumed! Nothing blew to smithereens.