Three people suffered "non-life-threatening" wounds after Duwayne Hyman, 25, went loopy on Monday, stabbing three strangers in downtown San Francisco. According to KTVU, the first attack happened at the Montgomery Street Station. A 17-year-old lad, it seems, was sliced on his left side. Ugh. Then, a couple of hours later, Hyman plunged his knife into a 38-year-old man at Jessie and First streets, and once more into the thigh of a 40-year-old guy back at Montgomery Street.

Why did he do it? We can't say. Yet. But since he probably didn't know his victims, we'll guess a severe lack of mental clarity on Hyman's part. Anyway, SFPD later spotted and arrested him on the F-Market without incident. Goodness gracious, indeed.