The entertaining/controversial Chris Daly, who seems a bit quiet as of late, has a new target now: wafts of cigarette smoke. We're told that his latest push of legislation "calls for a smoking ban outside of restaurants, in waiting areas, within 20 feet of nonresidential buildings," and in common areas of apartment buildings. That is to say, you might have to look elsewhere to spark up that Capri or Virgina Slim while eating out. The Board of Supervisors will vote on the measure come Thursday.

Oh, and we're also told that this is the 59th piece of restaurant-related legislation pushed in 2008.

Also, yes, it's commendable of Daly to introduce yet another ban on rich, smooth, satisfying cigarettes. It's great. And keeps us healthy. Or whatever. If it passes, cool; if not, meh. Are you as chock-full of chic insouciance when it comes to this proposed ban as well? Or do you demand to get your fix in between bites at Orson? [Curbed, via ABC7]

Image of the "pathology of lung showing centrilobular emphysema characteristic of smoking. Closeup of fixed, cut surface shows multiple cavities lined by heavy black carbon deposits. (CDC/Dr. Edwin P. Ewing, Jr., 1973)": Wikicommons