(By Eyleen Tavy)

After reading SFist's first editor ever Jackson West's post on his favorite menswear blogs, we vowed to dust off our "Fashion" folder in Google Reader and compile a similar list. Being a localvore of the internet kind, we started squirming when we realized how few fashion bloggers seemed to be posting from the Bay Area. Sure, there's the wonderful Coquette, SF Indie Fashion, and SF Bay Style, and though corporate rock still sucks, we do like Laura Compton's stylish posts on SFGate.

But where's San Francisco's Racked, our Fashionista? We know you're out there, and this correspondent's just too lame and lazy to find you. So let's have a little link swap meet of our own, SFist readers. Who are your fave local fashion blogs and bloggers, and why?

And don't bore us with that whole "San Franciscan's don't have style" comments, because we've seen y'all out, and you look fucking hott.