(By Eyleen Tavy)

Yikes! It wasn't enough that certain Yelpers lost their collective shit that local user-review site Yelp's bounced a bunch of users who were basically trading positive reviews, but now we have local waiter Michael Procopio (or is this a Sasha Baron Cohen piece, we just don't get? We ask because, look at his picture: Hello, Bruno!) announcing that "many opinions expressed on sites like Yelp are neither well-informed nor, as is more often the case, well-written."

Well. Alert the fucking media.

We'll admit it: If this were just some guy with a personal blog who wanted to criticize what he calls one of the "most irritating sites on the internet," we probably would have scrolled past his headline in our RSS. But since we first came across this post not on his site, but on his "weekly food column for Bay Area Bites", we want to take it as deadly seriously as we would take anything coming from the folks who bring us public television. And, really, who doesn't love reading a critique of "average person" (his words, not ours!) content on a site populated with "average person" content?

But the opinions we want are from the decidedly anything but average: SFist readers. Procopio certainly seems to be saying he's ditching Yelp due to its critical mass of illiteracy, while others are bailing to protest their inability to shill. Is your inclination to Yelp more, less, or the same? Does the fact that some reviews, ahem, don't completely adhere to MLA style have you in as much a tizzy as our blogging waiter? Yelp away in the comments.