SFist sources tell us that the bomb squad has been called to Golden Gate Park at JFK and 30th Avenue Carl Street in Cole Valley at around 6 p.m. Now, which one of you accidentally left your pack back in the park? But seriously, folks, we're not sure what the entire story is yet, or if there even is one, but we'll update when we know more. Stay tuned.

Update 6:56 p.m.: Well, we're not sure what's going on exactly. Some people on NJudahChron are saying they heard it was a shooting, that's a "man cleaning out his garage found an old WWII mortar shell" (another one? Jesus fucking Christ, old men. Seriously. Get rid of that shit, will ya? Or call someone who can take care of it for you), or...who knows.

Update: 7 p.m.: Ah, the news knows what's up. According to KGO, "Residents have said they have heard that a mortar shell was discovered inside an apartment, but this has not been confirmed by San Francisco police. Officials have rolled out a remote-controlled bomb robot." No confirmation? Then by all means, readers, go ahead and make wild assumptions until we know for sure! (But, please, stay out of the Carl Street/Cole Valley area for now.)

Update: 7:03: Jim Herd, who told us about the bomb squad, snapped up this shot of it all going down. (Really, Herd is a San Francisco treasure. He's everywhere all at once.) Also, yeah, it was a mortor. Jim tells us "they picked up the mortar at 200 Cole and then went on a caravan." What a way to kick off the 4th, eh? Eh? Eh?